Museveni 74, says will only retire when Africa is fully stable, developed

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President Museveni has said that he will only retire until the original problems facing Africa are fully solved.
November Last year, President Museveni revealed that he is still around and ‘will hit 100 years’’ The president revealed this while celebrating his 73rd birthday. He told his daughters that going by the way things are, he will hit 100 years.

At Munyonyo, president Museveni said not even” petty issues” like elections will force him out of power without seeing a better situation on continent.
He made the remarks on Wednesday during the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) Summit at Speke Resort, Munyonyo. The grouping is for parties with representation in Parliament.
‘’ I hear people like Norbert Mao saying that to him seeing Museveni handover power is the most important. To me, that is not what’s important. To me it’s prosperity’’ Mr. Museveni said.

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He also said that the lack of strong leaders like himself, nearly led to the wiping out of Africa some years back by the colonialists and to the current problems that the continent is facing. Museveni said there is almost no alternative leadership because even the existing opposition on the continent and particularly Uganda, only engages in “petty” and “small” issues like elections.
”The political class, instead of talking about the destiny of Africa, you’re talking about petty things – elections – who comes in. That is why I have said, if I still have strength, I will put my point of view – not to retire when Africa, when the original issues of why Africa nearly perished are not addressed. And you’re just addressing small things – elections.” he said.

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The president told the extraordinary meeting that two of the main five reasons for which he joined politics have not been addressed to this date.
These two issues, he said, are; prosperity and strategic security of Africa.
“I don’t have to be in politics, because I have my job,” Museveni stressed. “I am a cattle keeper. I am not a ruler. If you want to know, my father died at the age of 97. He hadn’t been a member of the LC1 (village council). My uncle that died recently had never been member of the LC1. I am the first member of my family to be in government.”

Museveni said, he joined politics first, to help African families, companies, businesses and people to become prosperous.
The other reason he joined politics, he said, was to pursue strategic security of the continent, by ensuring that the mistakes that led to Africa’s colonization are not repeated.

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