Muhoozi: UPDF ready to deter any acts of lawlessness by individuals or groups that may threaten Uganda’s peace

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The UPDF Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen David Muhoozi has reiterated Uganda’s commitment to live peacefully with all its neighbors. He said this today while briefing a cross section of Defence Attachés and Advisors accredited to Uganda at UPDF General Headquarters – Mbuya.

While giving an over view of the security situation in Uganda, Gen Muhoozi said the entire country remains peaceful and UPDF has remained committed to keeping Uganda’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. He therefore reiterated UPDF commitment to work with other security agencies to deter or curtail any acts of lawlessness by individuals or groups that may threaten Uganda’s peace and security.

The CDF further underscored UPDF commitment to integration as a strategy to guarantee the survival of the African people and highlighted that it is imperative to work in harmony with all sisterly countries through the existing regional frameworks such as the EAC Protocol on Cooperation in Defence Affairs.
General Muhoozi gave assurance that Uganda cherishes good neighborliness and peaceful co-existence and all efforts possible should be directed at addressing whatever challenges that stand in the way of our countries as well as regional security, stability and socio-economic transformation.

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The briefing session was also attended by the UPDF Joint Chief of Staff, Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu, Defence Attachés/Advisors representing Tanzania, USA, Rwanda, UK, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, France, Turkey, Kenya, South Africa and South Sudan, among others.
Harmony between Rwand and Uganda evaporated in February when Rwanda abruptly closed the crossing, with queues of cargo trucks and thronging merchants turned back as soldiers from both armies marshalled along the forest-clad border.

The standoff escalated dramatically in March when Rwanda publicly accused Uganda of abducting its citizens and supporting rebels bent on overthrowing the government.
Museveni – who has admitted meeting, but not endorsing, anti-Kagame rebels – harbours his own suspicions about his erstwhile ally. His officials have accused Rwandans in Uganda of spying, and some have been detained by military courts or deported.
“What is wrong is for Rwandan agents to try and operate behind the government of Uganda,” Museveni wrote to Kagame in March.

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