Muhammad Kirumira: What is going on? The next episode is terrifying

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By Muhammad Kirumira
The other day, I was sleeping only to find many missed calls on my phone, what is happening around by the way?!
Whom was Bryn White working for and who was in charge for his security?! How did he acquire VIP security?!
We are going to begin exposing the stinking wealth of the inner circle of those men in custody from all over the country including some DPC’s and RPCs who are still holding offices.

I was arrested in an embarrassing manner just for speaking the truth and criticizing the police for its ills Which they preferred to cover though with time everything shall be undone.
I said and still stand by the truth.
You will be shocked and very demoralized and demotivated wondering how some people had robbed both police resources and the public through both conniving with criminals and extortion. The next episode is terrifying.
Let me remind you of the case of Uwera Nsenga, the woman who was convicted of allegedly murdering her husband at the gate.

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Do you remember that during the trial the defense introduced a very senior police officer as their WITNESS? This is unimaginable how a deputy Director CID can help the accused to defeat the prosecution case against the state.
The lady was being helped on grounds of her close relationship with the Chief.

This is one of the few cases that brought embarrassment to the State. All cases that were handled by the special units ought to be reviewed since there was a lot of framing , concoction , coaching of witnesses and conspiracy with the investigators to defeat justice or divert the course of justice.

Even if we leave other cases aside, the gang of Muhanji and Nixon etc could be convicted of perjury and destroying evidence in several cases right from the first murder of Hajji Kigejogejo, to the cases of Bijambiya and Nansana/Entebbe murders.
When I find time we shall review case by case and the conduct of investigators in each, beginning with that of Sheikh Abdul khadir Muwaya , Sheikh Kirya and why his guards plus OC Bweyogerere were used as scape goats for negligence of duty yet the true script was having different notes.
Of recent young boys came out to testify on how they were paid and promised more money to make fake confessions of their involvement in Masaka panga cuttings only to be lied hence the backfire.

The most annoying situation is for our colleagues to always defend such ugly things.
When the right time comes those who tried me, will be tried and I will be the WITNESS.
Never doubt time.

Kitatta and Boda Boda 2010

The remnants of bodaboda 2010 (a Kitatta affiliated militia)who escaped arrest in January,are regrouping and training every day in a makeshift gym located at katwe behind Gapco fuel station,near a trench,their motives are unknown, this location is opposite katwe noor primary school, such elements should be disorganized early enough before they wreck havoc.
I have always been ahead via detecting threats and they come to see the truth after a while and calling me all kinds of names. I detected Kitatta, Flying squad, Nixon among others but since they were friends of security I was not believed.

Thank God other agencies picked interest and whoever I mentioned is now facing severe charges. I’m still on ground and my mission is to disorganize all criminal elements in the security circles especially police. I know most of them who are still hiding while giving cover to some criminals and even others know them but they fear to speak in name of protecting their bread and butter.
Never call a wise man Mad.

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