MP Magyezi Age limit removal has earned me more enemies, affected my life negatively

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Member of Parliament for Igara West, Hon Raphael Magyezi, who became famous as the MP who tabled the bill to have the constitution amended to have the presidential age limit lifted, says it still affects his life negatively

In an interview with NTV on Wednesday, Magyezi said, since 2017, there have been threats.
‘‘real threats to my life, children and relatives’’ he said.
He added: ‘‘Someone would take you personally. Someone would send you sms, call you as you move, we are right behind you. Then I would begin to look around ‘’
However, Magyezi says the Bill was tabled legally despite the criticism it received from different people including voters in his constituency.

The Ugandan parliament passed the bill on December 20, with 317 politicians voting in favour and 97 against.
Museveni later addressed the bill in his end-of-year address on Sunday, saying he saluted the members of parliament who had supported it.

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Parliament “enabled us to avoid the more complicated paths that would have been required. We cannot [under-cook] the destiny of Africa”, said Museveni.
Museveni has ruled Uganda since 1986 when he took power from General Tito Okello as the head of a rebel army.
He has served as president since 1996.

In 2005, he had the constitution amended to remove term limits, enabling him to stand successfully for a third, fourth and fifth consecutive term.
I am coming back in 2021
Despite being arguably the most hated man in Uganda, Magyezi in 2018 told reporters in Kampala that he is confident that he will come back to Parliament in 2021.

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