Mirundi threatens to expose the real owners of businesses and properties in Uganda

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By our reporter
The presidential advisor on the media Mr. Tamale Mirundi claims there are businesses in Uganda whose actual owners Ugandans will never get to know, at least for now.
His claim, perhaps confirms rumours that have been making rounds regarding ownership of some businesses and properties in Uganda.

The motor-mouthed and Buganda Kingdom critic, made the revelation on Wednesday morning while appearing on 96.3 FM Beat FM, where he is a regular guest.

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When the host asked him to comment on why the Kampala Capital City Authority refused to renew M/S Nalongo Estates Limited lease at Centenary Park, and instead allegedly giving the same land to another investor, Mirundi said: One day, the real owners of some businesses and properties in Uganda will be exposed.

He added: In Uganda, we have the Congolese selling clothes, but Ugandans don’t hate them. They live and trade happily with them freely.
The tough talking Mirundi revealed that Ugandans hate the Rwandese and Indians who are in Uganda simply because they compete with Ugandans for natural resources and businesses. He claims, some Rwandese and Indians have a backing of powerful people in the shadows.

‘‘In politics, there is no body tall enough to see the future. One day, you will see a fly chasing an aeroplane’’ Mirundi said without elaborating.

He explained that some powerful people whom he perhaps to call Mafia’s are busy chasing away real owners of land in Luwero which is near Kampala so that they set up farms, assured of ready market in Kampala.

‘‘but again, these Mafia’s forget that they have a already chased away the people in Kampala, who will buy their produce and Milk?’’ Mirundi wondered.

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Mirundi added that the stealing group camps at a top hotel in Kampala every evening while sipping very expensive wines as they plot their next move and victim. He claims the group has six members, though he does not mention their identities.

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