Minister Muruli to striking civil servants: resign or go back to work

Minister. Muruli Mukasa
Minister. Muruli Mukasa
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Public Service minister Wilson Muruli Mukasa on Friday asked civil servants who refuse to work over poor pay to resign.
The October 13 statement by indicates that the government has already “developed proposals”, and they “are now being appraised to ascertain their viability and long-term sustainability.”
By the “end of November 2017, government will pronounce itself on the matter.” Reads the statement from the minister of Public Service.

The stern warning from the public service minister is in response to striking prosecutors, threats by medics and Makerere University academics.
State prosecutors under their umbrella body, Uganda Association of Prosecutors, resumed the strike on Monday after the lapse of the 90-day ultimatum given to government to address their grievances.
Prosecutors and doctors want the government to address issues which include among others salary increment, security, housing allowances and medical insurance.

The prosecutors are demanding that the minimum salary of the lower ranking officials in the judiciary be raised to at least Shs9 million. Currently, the lowest ranking State Prosecutor earns a gross salary of Ugx. 645,000.
Hon. Mukasa said any civil servant who refuses to work over poor pay or absconds from duty would invoke the wrath of the government.
The minister said although it is not the interest of the government to sack any civil servant, it would invoke provisions of the public service standing orders to deal with striking civil servants who would refuse to work.

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