Mike Mukula vows to help, rehabilitate Qute Kaye

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The National Resistance Movement vice chairperson for Eastern region, Capt Mike Mukula has said that he will rehabilitate singer Qute Kaye who was arrested on Thursday stealing headlight of car registration number UBA 482K. The car was parking yard in Busega.

Mukula, who is also the patron of Uganda Musicians Association says he’s doing what he can to secure Qute Kaye’s freedom.
“This young man with talent got desperate, unemployed and with no source of income in the city. As a patron of Uganda Musicians Association, I have instructed the chairman and others to secure his release. We will rehabilitate him,” Mukula tweeted on Friday.

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Speaking about Kaye’s fate, Pastor Kayanja says that what befell the artiste is a true path of realisation in God’s eyes. The man of God called upon the public not to judge the artiste once loved by every one. “He needed to go down that way so that God could get him up, because no rehab could help him. No advice could help. Nothing could help. But I am very sure he will rise up from this. He will come up a better person. What he has been taking for granted, he will realize it was God’s grace all along. And so, just pray for him,” Kayanja said.

Who is Qute Kaye
Kaye came to the limelight in 2005, with a bang of a song dubbed Ginkeese. He soon released a few more songs before disappearing at once. He later resurfaced in the news following rumours he had died, and again disappeared only to return as a born again during pastor Kayanja’s 77DOGs.
Kaye then stood on stage and with all voice he could muster, belted out a song: I surrender all to Jesus.

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