Mesach Semakula begs Pastor Yiga for Devine intervention

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After several musicians gracing Pastor Kayanja’s 77 DOGS (Days of Glory) for divine prowess, more musicians [ and more so faded musicians] have opted to rush to other pastors, including Brother Ronnie Maccabi of the famous Holy Water and Pastor Yiga also known as Abizaayo who recently introduced Holy seedlings.

Newz Post understands that Pastor Yiga of Revival Church latest catch is the faded singer Mesach Ssemakula. It is said, Mesach went to the scandalous pastor recently to beg for divine powers to nurture his fading career.

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Yiga who is reportedly promising his followers heaven on earth assured Mesach Ssemakula of musical superiority and assured him that he will produce the best song in 2017.

Ssemakula who almost turned Yiga’s church into a musical concert with several of his vibes, was rewarded with a holy seedling, two goats and a cow courtesy of Pastor Yiga.

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In the other news, the scandalous pastor has introduced blessed tree Seedlings for his followers.

According to the man of God, every follower who will receive the Holy seedlings will be able to overcome his/her problems.

This comes at a time when prominent pastors in town are coming up with various ‘projects’ for their followers in the name of brightening their lives.

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