Man who swaps people’s ATM cards arrested

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Police in Bulenga, Wakiso district have arrested a fraudster who swaps people’s ATM cards.

The suspect, Ampurira Ronald, 35 years old, was arrested on Thursday after he had swapped Mr. Mulumba’s ATM card in Bulenga at one of the ATM machines.

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He had just withdrawn Mulumba’s Shs 240,000.
According to police, Ampurira normally poses around ATM machines and when he sees a client who is not well conversant on how to use the ATM machine, he offers to help

He then tells the client to put his Pin code, after mastering the code, Ampurira then exchanges his fake ATM for an original ATM card. He then tells the victim that the ATM machine is not working.

Armed with your ATM and pin Code, he withdraws all the money. On searching him, Police recovered 25 ATM cards in different names

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