Made in Rwanda policy set to promote local manufacturing and address trade deficit

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The Government of Rwanda, through the Ministry of Trade and Industry launched on Thursday the Made in Rwanda policy which is set to contribute to the country’s efforts to reduce its trade deficit and upscale local manufacturing.
Made in Rwanda Policy is a holistic roadmap aimed at increasing competitiveness by enhancing Rwanda’s domestic market through value chain development.
It resulted from the ‘Made in Rwanda Campaign’ that started in 2015, as a core component of the Domestic Market Recapturing Strategy (DMRS).

The launched policy has an overall objective of effectively involve all stakeholders and clarify their role in the implementation of the Made in Rwanda Policy.
It is expected to bring together existing government interventions under a clear policy framework and address remaining supply side bottlenecks via targeted interventions aimed at improving quality, boosting cost competitiveness and linking anchor firms within domestic value chains and developing action plans for specific value chains.
Previous efforts to promote the Made in Rwanda program have already had positive impact on both industrial output and the country’s trade balance.

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Since the launch of the campaign in 2015, the industrial growth averaged was 7 percent per annum while Rwanda’s total exports have increased by 69 percent, from nearly 559 million USD in 2015 to nearly 944 million USD in 2017. In addition, total imports decreased by 4%, from nearly 1.849 billion USD in 2015 to a little more than 1.772 billion USD in 2017.

Since 2015, Rwanda has experienced a 36% decrease in its trade deficit, according to the Statistics from Rwanda’s central Bank.
The launch of the Made in Rwanda policy is followed by the 4th Made in Rwanda Expo to take place from 28th November to 11th December 2018.

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