‘‘Like Jesus; Uganda is undergoing resurrection: Economy, Democracy fast growing ’’-Museveni

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President Yoweri Museveni in his Easter message says Ugandans have all the reasons to celebrate. He however urged Ugandans to celebrate responsibly

‘ ‘ For Christians, this is a season to reflect on the mysteries of Christ’s life, his ultimate sacrifices through death and later resurrection gives us the lasting hope of salvation’’ the president said

He added: In Uganda’s case, we are undergoing our own resurrection, spearheaded by the NRM
‘ ‘ for example, our economy is projected to grow by 6.3 percent this year far above the sub-Saharan and even global average’’
Last year, Harvard University listed Uganda’s economy to be among fastest growing globally
At 7.7 percent annually, India and Uganda top the list of the fastest growing economies to 2025, – according to new growth projections presented by researchers at the Center for International Development at Harvard University
The study however says a significant fraction of that growth is due to rapid population growth

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The IMF recently reduced Uganda’s economic growth to 3.9 percent from 4.5 percent. A couple of companies have closed down operations in Uganda in the recent past including: Uchumi, British Airways, AIG among others.

The head of state also mentioned that security is stable. He also revealed that Uganda’s democracy is improving by the day.‘ ‘ we therefore have every reason to celebrate the resurrection’’ he said.
The researchers who conducted the Afrobarometer Round 7 survey on “Support for democracy in Uganda” revealed that democracy in Uganda is falling
‘ ‘ the survey results show that satisfaction with the way democracy works in Uganda is steadily decreasing. That means people who feel Uganda is a full democracy, a democracy with minor problems and are fairly/very satisfied with democracy in the country are reducing. It was 62% in 2000 and has reduced to 46% in 2017. That is an average one percentage rise in dissatisfaction per year, In fact, the number of unsatisfied Ugandans went below the 50% mark just before the 2016 elections in 2015. ‘

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