Lady Titie, new husband evicted from the house, now stays in a friend’s garage

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The CBS FM and NBS presenter Titie Tendo Tabel popularly known as Lady Titie is back to square one after she was duped by city con-man call him her new husband.

For the last three months, Lady Titie and her new lover have been in the air enjoying life to the fullest. When local newspaper-Bukedde broke the story that Titi was in love with Sserunjongi Deo. Carol Babirye who prefers to be called Trisha Carol also Deo’s Fiancé who lives in the United Kingdom and DEO’s sole financier ran ‘‘mad’’

According to reliable sources, Carol wondered how the DEO could use her hard earned money she sends him for development purposes instead he wastes the money on Old women-referring Titie Tabel.

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As she planned to fly into the country, she sent her younger sister to pick car she brought for Deo. She promised more fire when she finally lands in Uganda.

When the fire-spitting Carol jetted into the country recently, she went straight to her house (Where Deo has been staying with Titie) – It is said, Deo had told Titie that this magnificent house was built from his hard work.

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The furious Carol demanded the keys for the house from Deo and ordered the two lovers never return to her house. It should be noted that the Kyeyo woman had also brought nearly everything in the house. Therefore, Deo and his lover were evicted with taking anything the house.

Lady Titie is now staying in the garage of one of her workmates at CBS. Meanwhile, when Deo wants to meet Titie to ‘‘relax’’ as mature people, they go to lodges and unfinished houses.

Deo a brother to Golden Production Grace Ssekamatte though he claims to be a businessperson who trades in Fish among other businesses, close friends says Deo has no business talk about.

‘The fellow has no job nor does he run any business. He survives on handouts.’’ said a close friend.

Wama Katongole Mutongole, what do you have to say? Here at Newz Post we think just in case you have to pardon your ‘beautiful’ and lovely Titie, you must make sure you first go for a ‘Malaria’ test, just in case.

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