Kizza Besigye: Ugandans should not give up, we shall overcome

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By Bobi Wine

Yesterday I visited Dr.Kizza Besigye at Luzira Upper prison. He was very happy to receive me and my team. He is healthy and strong and above all, very hopeful.

We talked extensively about the state of affairs in our country. He said “once you decide to stand up and oppose an oppressive regime, you will always have two homes, your real home and prison, but that should never break your spirit and quest for freedom and justice.

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” He said that at this particular time in our history, it’s not a matter of what political party or affiliation you belong to. We all have a collective responsibility to liberate our motherland. Parties can only exist in a free and fair atmosphere where everybody is equal under the law. To the youth, the leader had this to say ”

I was a young medical doctor in my twenties when I decided join the struggle to liberate Uganda in 1982.( Interestingly I (Bobi Wine) was born in 1982) So it’s upon you the young people of this generation to get up and offer leadership.


This is not a one man struggle that should start on the top downwards, but rather from the grassroots upwards. The people themselves should know that it’s within their power to change things, They should never give up, we shall overcome’’ he said. He wished all the Muslim brothers and sisters a happy Iddi.

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