Kitatta resorts to Prayer, objects being tried in Military court- remanded to Luzira till 27th February

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The General Court Martial in Makindye chaired by by Lt.Gen. Andrew Guti charged patron of the notorious Boda boda 2010 Abdallah Kitatta and 10 others with a number of offences related to unlawful possession of military hardware.

During the court session, Kitatta kept on citing the prayer. He and the group said they would follow the proceedings in Luganda.
“Abdallah Kitatta, Sowali Ngobi and Ibrahim Ssekajja were found in unlawful possession of a fire arms contrary to Section 3 and section 2 of the fire arms act,”Lt.Gen.Guti read the charges
During plea taking, Kitatta and co accused denied the charges. Kitatta said: I’m not a military officer, I’m an ordinary person and I object being tried or heard in this court.
“My lord I have heard the charges, but I object being tried in this court,” the co-accused told the General Court Martial

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Lt. Gen. Andrew Guti: “All of you are saying that you object, I think you should talk to your lawyer after this and be told how any person found with military equipment is tried. Your lawyer will give you a clear understanding of these charges”
On contempt of court, Lt. Gen. Andrew Guti: said ‘ ‘since you have already objected for that, I will take a decision because these charges are serious — they are not simple charges as you think you’re playing there’’
On charging the group which consists of civilians, the army court quoted section 119 of the UPDF Act 2005 which explains the kinds of people who are subject to military law.

The section provides that every person found in unlawful possession of arms, ammunition or equipment ordinarily being monopoly of the defence forces becomes subject to military law.
According to prosecution, the three people were in January arrested at Wakaliga in Rubaga division and found in possession of an SMG rifle and a pistol without a valid fire arm certificate.
The group were also charged with unlawful possession of 30 and 20 rounds of ammunition for SMG rifles and pistol respectively which are government stores contrary to section 161 of the UPDF Act.

They were also charged with unlawful possession of military equipment including headgear and uniforms which are a monopoly of the defence forces. The offences against the group are criminal in nature and attract a maximum sentences of death and life imprisonment respectively.

Kitatta and colleagues were remanded to Luzira Prison until 27th February
Kitatta is charged together with ;Matia Ssenfuka, Joel Kibirige, Hassan Ssemata, Jonathan Kayondo, Ssengooba Hassan, Sande Ssemwogerere, John Ssebandeke, Hussein Mugema, Fred Bwanika and Amon Twinomujuni.

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