Kenyans set enjoy faster, cheaper internet, free voice calls

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Kenya’s telecommunication firm Jamii Telecom has partnered with Chinese firm ZTE to introduce the country’s fastest and cheapest mobile internet in a move Kenyan officials said will help spread the benefits of internet to more people.

The service, Faiba 4G Mobile Network, will operate under the prefix 0747 and will be the first to provide voice over LTE.
According to Xinhua, Faiba 4G Mobile will offer free voice calls, and will be able to do high definition voice and video after 50 million U.S. dollars were invested in its network infrastructure and commercial trials were successfully launched.

“We have already been serving clients across the country with the fiber network but now we have also introduced mobile services to enable as many Kenyans as possible to access cheaper and faster internet,” Jamii Telecom’s Chairman Joshua Chepkwony told (Xinhua reporter in Nairobi.
The company also becomes the first to offer free voice services. “Voice will be free as long as the customer has bought a bandwidth bundle,” said Chepkowny.

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ZTE will be the company’s strategy partner, enabling it to be the first in eastern and central Africa to launch the 4G Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) which is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals ensuring the best voice, video and internet quality and speeds.
Kenya regulators Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) said the launch on new faster and cheaper mobile and fiber data is a continuation of innovation in country’s information communication sector which has helped continuously disrupt the industry.

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