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The National Environment (Noise Standards and Control) Regulations, 2003. (Under sections 28 and 107 of the National Environment Act Cap 153) stipulates that no person shall, for an activity specified in Regulation 6, emit noise in excess of the permissible noise level, unless permitted by a licence issued under these Regulations.

Kampala Capital City Authority has noted with concern that various bars and entertainment places continue to emit Noise beyond the permissible levels and Time.

KCCA hereby informs the General Public that it is the duty of the owner of a facility or premise, to use the best practicable means to ensure that noise from their facility or premises does not exceed the permissible levels.

Owners of such facilities that contravene the Noise Standards and control Regulations commit offences.

In line with section 27 of the Trade (Licensing) Act 1969, K.C.C.A shall revoke trading licenses for other bars/entertainment places that contravene the noise standards and control regulations.

KCCA shall, henceforth, not issue trading licences to bars and entertainment places which have ever been issued with stop notices but have continued committing this offence.

All bars and entertainment places shall be required to get a clearance from the Directorate of Public Health and Environment before a license is granted, upon inspection.


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