KCCA closes 09 butcheries for using deadly chemicals to preserve meat, keep away flies

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Kampala Capital Authority (KCCA) on Wednesday launched a massive hygiene campaign to crack down on all meat selling points that do not meet the standards set by the authority and the Ministry of Health.
The operation recovered dangerous chemicals used by butchers to preserve meat and keep off flies, which poses a health risk to consumers.

KCCA spokesperson Peter Kaujju says the exercise, 9 butcheries were closed around Kalerwe, and arrested two – [Kayondo Joseph and Ssekabila ] for selling beef contaminated with preservatives.
“Those who want to remain in the business should abide by the Health and Hygienic standards set by the Authority because the operation will be executed in all the municipalities,” he added

One of the men arrested with the drugs confessed they were using the drugs to keep the meat fresh and keep away flies. The other suspect, however, insisted the drugs found at his butcher’s shop had been bought for use at home.
Kaujju, says the operation follows several complains from the public that most of the butcheries, especially those dealing in meats, fish and grasshoppers were using unregulated preservatives to make old foodstuffs to look fresh preserve.

Media reports indicate traders dealing in meat, chicken, fish and nsenene, use unregulated preservatives to make foodstuffs look falsely fresh or keep away the flies. There are fears that hundreds of lives could have been exposed to the risk of procuring ailments, such as cancer, due to the excessive use of large amounts of illegal chemicals used in the preservation of meat and fish.

Eating food frequently preserved with large doses of, or excessive, formalin, will over time cause irritation to the stomach, causing vomiting, dysentery or even death

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