Kaweesi murder suspects to be paid 80m each over torture-Judge orders

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High Court Judge Justice Margaret Oumo Oguli on Thursday ordered government to compensate each of the 23 suspects in the murder of former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi with Ugx. 80 million for violation of their rights.
This after court confirmed that the suspects were tortured by security agencies.

The suspects told court that they were arrested from their homes and unlawfully detained in military custody before being transferred to the dreaded Nalufenya Police Station in Jinja District which is reputed for torture.
They further told court that they had not received sufficient treatment for the wounds.
Justice Margret Oguli stated in her ruling: The applicants are still suspects until proven guilty. And therefore, should be treated well without torturing them.
The judge warned the prisons authorities against further torturing of suspects because she had previously ordered three of them to be taken to African center for rehabilitation of torture victims for examination but the prisons Authority blocked this process.

In May 2017, the suspects told the Nakawa Magistrates court that they were starved and tortured during their detention and were kept at a jail instead of the prison the court ordered.
The suspects showed off scars and marks of torture the police allegedly put them through. Relatives of the suspects who had turned up in court broke down on seeing the physical state of their loved ones
“You ordered that we should be taken to Luzira Maximum Prison but instead those policemen before you, took us to Nalufenya police cells where we have been constantly tortured, both physically and psychologically,” the suspects told court.

Another suspect also told the judge Nooh Sajjabi that they were “placed on handcuffs 24 hours a day and we are about to die of hunger”.
Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi was murdered together with his bodyguard, Kenneth Erwau and driver Godfrey Wambewo.

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