Kasiwukira murder: Why do women kill their lovers?

    Nabikolo Sebunya and her sister Nakungu Sandrah in court
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    High court acquitted Ms Sarah Nabikolo on grounds that she wasn’t involved in the murder of her husband, Kasiwukira. However, her cousin, Ms Sandra Nakungu and her boyfriend Ashraf Jaden, a police officer were convicted of the said murder and sentenced to 22-years.


    Ms Sandra Nakungu is said to have been in a secret relationship with his brother-in-law, the late Kasiwukira. Nakungu told court that late had even impregnated her.
    Kasiwukira was killed on the morning of October 17, 2014 as he was jogging in Muyenga, a Kampala suburb. He was hit by a car, which sped off after the incident.

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    The judge was in agreement with evidence presented before court by John Bosco Kimasule, a bodaboda rider who reportedly saw Ashraf Jaden seated in the same car that killed Kasiwukira, minutes before the alleged nasty accident.

    The judge said prosecution evidence also showed that the policeman Jaden had attempted to kill the businessman twice. He also pointed out the incriminating evidence where Nakungu confided in Kimasule shortly after the murder that she feared to attend the vigil, saying that the ghost of the deceased would strangle her.

    Such stories, when desperate wives and girl friends kill their husbands are not rare in Uganda.

    In 2009, Lydia Draru, the lady in whose shanty house the former army commander, Maj Gen James Kazini, died told police that she was behind the murder. Draru made a statement at the Central Police Station in which she said she had domestic problems which Kazini as husband had not solved. Kazini was hit by an iron bar at 5AM morning after a misunderstanding.

    In 2014, Jacqueline Uwera Nsenga was convicted for the murder of her husband Juvinal Nsenga. On January 10, 2013, Uwera returned home at around 9pm driving vehicle Reg. No. UAL 933M. However, when her late husband opened the gate, she instead accelerated her vehicle, rammed through the gate and knocked the Juvinal Nsenga. The car dragged him for a considerable distance.


    A few years ago, Judith Koriang, a 20 year-old woman was sentenced to death by the Court Martial in Soroti over the murder of her soldier husband, Nelson Okello. Koriang reportedly shot her husband with 30 bullets. The soldier reportedly accused Judith Koriang of bringing HIV to herself.


    In January 2013, two women in Kiryandongo District murdered their husband. Saudi Mude, a 32-year-old maize produce dealer and resident of Bweyale Township in Kiryandongo District was killed by his two wives on Sunday evening, January 06, 2013. The wives waylaid the Saudi Mude in a nearby bush on his way back at around 9:00pm before beating him up until he lost consciousness. He was rescued by passers-by who rushed him to hospital. However, he died before making it to the hospital.


    There are a dozen cases including those that are highly planned that the killer women are never brought to book.

    So why do women kill their lovers?

    Why do women become their husbands’ murderers? Pravdareport has the answers.

    ‘ ‘Women’s psyche is much less stable than that of men. As a rule, women are psychologically weaker than men. Women are mostly more emotional. They spend much more energy on problems than men do. There are exceptions from the rule, of course.In addition, women’s psyche is prone to periodical changes that take place in women’s life. It goes about pregnancy and childbirth, climax and other things. In other words – it goes about the things that men never get to experience in their lives. This is the reason why women’s psychological health can be damaged much more seriously in comparison with men.”

    Any man must realize that any violence committed against women, either moral or physical violence, can lead to unexpected consequences including murder. Women are much more persistent than men when it comes to revenge. Women are much more explosive than men, they are more unpredictable.

    “When a woman tries to defend herself, she can do anything, including murder. From my experience I can say that women commit grave crimes more often than men do.”Pravdareport


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