Kasirye Gwanga: Ugandans don’t know the real me- I’m a top class farmer, trillionaire

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‘‘People ignorantly talk about Kasirye Gwanga but they don’t know the real me. They say; ‘what sensible thing can he say apart from enjoying his waragi?’’
In an interview with the Observer, Maj Gen. Kasirye Gwanga described himself as a ‘‘a top-class farmer; and a trillionaire’’

A trillionaire is an individual whose net worth or wealth is at least one trillion units of a currency
‘‘I have no debt in life, not even One hundred Uganda shilling’’. He said.
January this year, Gwanga opened fire at a vehicle of the aides of local music artist, Catherine Kusasira.Kasirye Gwanga advised ‘stupid’ Kusasira to go and report him to Museveni. Gwanga said he shot at Kusasira’s vehicle because she “acted with stupidity” when he tried to talk to her and instead just started shouting at him.

August 2017, He bragged of burning a grader he found at his daughter’s land in Lubowa on Entebbe Road and vowed to “deal ruthlessly with land grabbers.”
Asked why he mainly makes headlines for the wrong reasons such as impunity, the 67 year old retired army General had this to say:

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‘‘I actually like it that way. As a veteran of many wars, you have to instill a bit of fear whenever you sense looming danger, because if you don’t do that, people can trample on you.’’
He adds: You saw what happened to the idiot who wanted to steal my land in Kajjansi? Since then no land grabber has ever troubled people in that area. So, for me I prefer to use deterrent methods instead of reconciliatory ways.

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