Kagame: Uganda never played any role in Rwanda’s liberation, ‘‘you will never determine our destiny, It is impossible’’

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Rwanda President Paul Kagame, without mentioning Uganda, but using “neighboring country”, o Saturday said it never had any role in Rwanda’s liberation.
He was speaking at wedding of wedding of Teta Gisa, daughter of Maj Gen Fred Rwigema, Rwanda’s liberation hero.
He accused the “neighboring country” and “leaders of that neighboring country” of antagonizing him and Rwigema’s family

Kagame accused the authorities of the “ neighboring country” of spreading distorted information and insults about him and Rwigema.
At the start his 28 minutes unscripted address to the wedding attendees, Kagame narrated how he and Rwigema, when they were still young boys, were very close friends
He asked the bride, her mother and grandmother to ensure Rwigema’s son Eric Gisa Junior returns to Rwanda, addig that it’s inconceivable he’s never been to Rwanda

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‘I was looking around and didn’t see Gisa’s son. He should be here,’ said Kagame
‘I ask you Teta, Janet and your grandmother to deliver my message to him that the country which his father, myself & others fought for is his home. He shouldn’t be seeking asylum outside. It’s not right.”
‘‘More to that, he shouldn’t be coming and stopping in the neighbouring country. He should be in Rwanda, maybe traveling to wherever he would like and returning, but not permanently living in exile.’

‘They [ the neighbouring country ]have interfered for so long in the affairs of our country. Our neighbors have been misleading some Rwandans that they will support them to take over…,’ Kagame said.

Kagame said the leaders of the neighbouring country have been using the name of Rwigema to try to undermine him, but he wasn’t bothered.
‘’I choose my wars very carefully and have many of them,’ said Kagame, adding that they [leaders of the neighbouring country] were continuing to destabilize Rwanda, despite expressing his concerns face-to-face with authorities.
He warned that whatever they [ neighbouring country ] does, it should be aware that it will never determine the destiny of Rwanda. “It is impossible,” he said.

I don’t owe God anything

In his speech, Kagame said he didn’t have any debt because he had satisfactorily fulfilled his mission. “Even if I left now, I will go very contented because I don’t owe God anything, or anyone,” he said.
He said even though challenges remain, the country had made visible progress in all aspects.

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