Kagame on Rwanda’s transformation: We started by investing in people

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President Kagame on Thursday met with 80 members of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) who are on a visit to Rwanda as part of the Organization’s Rwanda Life Changing Experience trip.
The Young Presidents’ Organization is the largest global network of business leaders with more than 24,000 members in 130 countries.

Speaking at the meeting, President Kagame highlighted that Rwanda’s transformation journey continues as the country has left the emergency situation behind. ‘’ 24 years ago, life expectancy was 41 years old, now it is 67 years old. We want to sustain that, keep that as a minimum but also go beyond’’
“We are no longer trying to survive, we are living. We started by investing in people, health, education, security, and stability. The challenge for us is how we sustain this progress. How do we reach everyone, make sure people can feed themselves and that we are getting investments that make everything sustainable,” President Kagame said.

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On investing in technology: Kagame revealed that : Many thought our thinking was wrong. We were asked how you can think about technology when your people don’t have food. We didn’t see technology as a burden but as a solution to problems we had.
On leadership, he said: Face your challenges. When you address a challenge, don’t celebrate too much because another one is coming. That is how you keep the balance.

The President also explained Rwanda’s openness to doing business, and pointed out that investors are always welcome to invest in Rwanda, “Because Rwanda works.”
On fighting corruption: Gen Kagame said: We hold ourselves and each other accountable because that is what gives results. We cannot allow it because it has consequences we cannot afford.
“I am always uncomfortable that we would want to be seen as having lessons for others. We first have lessons for ourselves. We are learning from others, experimenting, and we have not been afraid of trying new things,” President Kagame said.

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The Rwanda Life Changing Experience trip will allow the 80 YPO members to Visit Rwanda and learn about the investment opportunities available in the country.
On overcoming challenges: President Kagame asked the YPO members not to be afraid of challenges. ‘‘If you have aspirations for tomorrow then you have to stand up to these challenges’’

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