Kadaga calls on politicians to emulate president Museveni

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As the country gears up for the 2021 general elections, the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has called on local leaders to promote unity amongst their communities if they are to develop.

Kadaga cautioned them against dwelling on political party issues and focus on making a contribution towards the development of the country.

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“At the lower level, there is always a lot of competition. We need to focus on uniting our people instead,” she said.

Kadaga asked the local leaders to emulate national leadership, pointing out that the President has appointed Ministers from various parties to cabinet including the Minister of Lands who is a member of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), Minister for Youth Affairs from Democratic Party and Minister of Kampala Affairs who is from Uganda Federal Alliance.

“All these ministers are working for the development of the country,” Kadaga said.

The Speaker made this call at a fundraising drive for Owii Pentecostal church in Bugondo Sub-county, Kasilo County, Serere district on 24 November 2019.

The event that was attended by a section of legislators from Teso and Northern Uganda realized shs20 million. The UPC President, Hon Jimmy Akena also attended the event.

Kadaga applauded the community for bringing together MPs from all political parties saying that such acts are a sign that the community has embraced development for all.

“Hon. Elijah Okupa is from Forum for Democratic Change and Hon. Hellen Adoa is NRM but they are all here. Hon. Okupa has been my friend and supporter for a long time. When I sit with him, we never discuss party issues. We discuss issues of roads and development,” she said.

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