Jackie Chandiru collapses at Mubs before speaking to students about drugs

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Jackie Chandiru 34, collapsed at Makerere University Business School (Mubs), before speaking to students about drugs.
She was whisked away to an unknown destination.

On Thursday evening while appearing on Vision Group’s X-FM , Chandiru complained about pain live on air.
Known for songs like Agasi, Overdose, Gold digger and Shamim, Chandiru went off the music scene following a breakdown due to alleged drug abuse.
The Mubs on Friday launched a campaign to sensitize students about the impact of drugs, which is now being felt at campus and already impacting on class attendance-According to university authorities.

“You take a stroll to hostel right now, you will find smartly dressed people selling drugs. When you enter the hostels, you will find many students sleeping instead of attending lectures,” Prof Wasswa Balunywa, the Mubs principal, said.
Former Blu*3 singer, Chandiru, is recovering from drug addiction. She was set to narrate her story from the time she started drugs and her journey to recovery, something she failed to acehive.

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Prof Balunywa said, increasing drug use at the mubs have resulted into a drop in the attendance of lecturers, which now stands below 70 per cent.
In an interview on KFM recently, Chandiru revealed that her troubles stemmed from the abuse of a prescription painkiller Pethidine, which was used to treat a back problem.

“My disorder started about five years ago. At that time, I had a back pain. The doctor noticed how much pain I was in and prescribed Pethidine. Pain goes away in about 30 second. I got addicted to it and started getting it without prescription,” she said.

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