Is former IGP Kale Kayihura under arrest? Said to be detained at officer’s mess in Kololo

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Security operatives on Tuesday conducted a search operation at Sky Blue hotel and Courtyard International Hotel in Lyantonde District. The former IGP Kale Kayihura is regular guest the Hotel.

In a tweet on Tuesday evening, Journalists Andrew Mwenda said: I can confirm that a heavily armed contingent of SFC in tens of military vehicles this evening went Courtyard Hotel in Lyantonde looking for Kale Kayihura. Even though hotel staff told them he was not around, they searched every nook and cranny of the hotel but could not find him
Sources media sources later revealed that the former IGP had indeed be arrested. Andrew Mwenda’s Independent Magazine wrote ‘Former IGP Kale Kayihura driven to Kampala from Lyantonde by Uganda-n security officers, reliable sources reveal. ‘’ the paper revealed.

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According to the Observer, Kayihura was reportedly arrested on Museveni’s orders
The paper reports that After being arrested in Lyantonde, Kayihura was then transferred to officers mess in Kololo where he’s currently detained.
quoting a source, the paper says President Museveni is said to have sanctioned Kayihura’s arrest after several intelligence reports suggested that the former police chief was behind the rampant kidnaps and killings across the country.

‘’The once powerful top cop could face murder charges in Ugandan courts. Since last week, security forces have been planning the operation to arrest the former police chief and at the same time on how to dismantle the crime preventers force which is said to be an extension of the mafia network he had created in the police force. According to a source close to the Presidency, by the time of his sacking, Kayihura had created a network of mafias within the police. The arrest and eventual confession of a one Abel Kitagenda, a former Flying Squad operative over the murder of former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi offered credence to the intelligence information that linked the former IGP to the murders,’’ the paper reported.

It is said, SFC operatives first gathered information on Kayihura’s possible location before setting off for Lyantonde. Sources both in State House and Lyantonde said that the plain clothed SFC soldiers acted discreetly to avoid public attention.

However, presidential advisor on Security, Gen Saleh has denied Kayihura’s arrest preferring to call it fake news. While UPDF spokesperson at an appropriate time, he will come up with statement.

Gen. Kayihura was once pronounced dead. it later emerged to be fake news.

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