Is Bebe Cool a beggar?

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While appearing on NTV’s popular music programme “Da Beat”, singer Bebe Cool left many viewers guessing.
The Gagamel CEO openly admitted that he has never benefited from his music, adding that he invests a lot of money in his videos and audios, but the returns are not so good.
The singer claimed that he doesn’t have any other business except music. And that the only business he understands is Music.

Bebe Cool told NTV viewers that he spends a lot of his time on international trips doing research on the industry. He says his mission is to shape the future of Ugandan music to benefit his offspring’s.

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Now that the returns from his music are negligible, music analysts are questioning BIG SIZE’s source of income that facilitates his extravagant lifestyle that see him take on expensive birthday gigs for his wife, the posh cars he owns, expensive music video’s etc.
Is Bebe Cool trying to prove the romours that he is the among lucky Ugandan ‘beggars’ who usually storm the high office for school fees and other bills.

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