Investigate, Prosecute Justine Bagyenda

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By Kagenyi Lukka/ Opinion
Quite realistically, Uganda can be described as a country reeling on multiple folds of Elite dishonesty. And this “bare naked” dishonesty is visible, felt and has found comfort haven in politics, economy, public and civil service.
Dishonesty in this case, manifests itself in the way handle responsibilities, the way we relate with those we are supposed to serve, how we make a living and most pertinently, how we accumulate wealth, property and riches once trusted with positions of responsibility.

Justine Nuwagaba Bagyenda, former executive director -supervision at Bank of Uganda, continues to make news despite the fact that she was deservedly extruded from and drummed in an array of reshuffles recently.
Being in news is not bad perse! Justine, is evidently reflected as a mischievous former government employee, a mysteriously dishonest rich lady!

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After hideously supervising the contemptible donation of Crane Bank to DFCU bank at a derisory credit of 200 billion shillings, a dark episode that plunged the banking sector into instability, her seemingly nefarious works continue to unfold.
With credible reports indicating that she has accumulated nearly 20 billion shillings on her accounts in a chain of banks that include Barclays bank, Diamond Trust bank,GT bank and centenary bank.
The centenary bank account is under a protege by the names of Kenny Muwonge who credible reports indicate that he is her “Shamba boy”.

Muwonge’s account SA 2120011273 is revealed as having multiple transfers made to it from Justine Bagyenda through an electronic system, The Real Time Gross System(RTGS).
What ought to rattle every one, is how money would be withdrawn quickly, sometimes not spending a day on the account. One would ask; From which source would Bagyenda get such money, why transfer it to Muwonge, Where would it go after withdraw?
For instance, starting with an opening balance of shs 378,965 on June 6 2014, this account collected shs 176,998,653 and had been depleted to 2 million shillings at the end of the year.What a mystery!

As if this is not enough,her DTB account received 10 billion shillings between February 2014 and late 2017.
The related inconceivable reality reflected is that, she also had about 3.5 billion shillings (I million us dollar) account number 5106903904 between 2014-2017.
Mind you this is a lady that earned about 32 million shillings as gross salary while she held fort at BOU.
Worse still,riling is a chain of plots of land that she owns in upscale suburbs of Kampala.
Authoritative records indicate that she is the owner of Plot NO 1-7:053 at Bugolobi,Plot 5A Sunderland Avenue,Plot 28 Kimera Close,Plot 410-411 Makerere Hill road and not limited to plot 20 Balikudembe Road,all in Kampala.

How then did she accumulate all this and put up magnificent apartments yet she has no recognisable side business? Were such properties and more declared with the inspectorate of Government?
What can be done ?
I read in the daily monitor of Thursday last week that embattled former Buyende DPC,Kirumira was in police court and one of the accusations was that he had failed to pay for a Rolex(Chapati). Kirumira is still a suspect.
This implies that government agencies can do something about dishonesty.

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The inspectorate of Government is legally obliged to investigate or cause investigation, prosecute or cause prosecution, arrest or cause arrest of any public official whose conduct is deemed undeserving.
Former Rubaga South MP, Ken Lukyamuzi lost his seat for failing to declare his wealth and of late,one of the judges has been made to refund about Uganda shillings 800,000= which was supposed to be allowance for her staff.

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Therefore, the office of the Inspector General of Government should intervene and help bring to menopause such glaring traits of elite dishonesty as in Bagyenda’s case.

The writer -Kagenyi Lukka is a current affairs analyst and an aspiring MP, Ikiiki county Budaka district

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