Innovations that have emerged to disrupt agriculture

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Innovations have emerged to disrupt the way agriculture is done in Africa to mitigate the numerous problems that the African agricultural sector faces yearly.
Several innovations that are based on the technological advancement witnessed in the aspect of ICT have been adopted in the agriculture sector to help improve yield and provide a better farming experience for the farmer to achieve food security.

Several solutions have been developed to address the problems faced by agriculture in Africa.
An example is the digitalisation for agriculture (D4Ag solution) which has been thought to be a game changer on the African scene for the transformation and acceleration of agriculture across Africa.
The D4Ag solutions offer farmers access to information that allows them to achieve a variety of goals by providing information on how farmers can optimize their production process, access products and services and explore new markets.
All of these are provided by the fact that the D4Ag solution collects and analyzes data to forecast farming and market trends that are beneficial to the farmers.
Furthermore, there have been certain digital programs that ensure that farmers in certain countries in Africa have access to financial products that can help to improve their farm productions.

Organisations like the One Acre Fund in East Africa ensures that farmers are given loans to help them acquire the needed farm inputs that ensure that the farmers’ level of productivity is greatly increased, provide training programs for farmers on how to use these improved inputs in a bid to maximize return on investment and ultimately provides market facilitation that ensures profit maximization
It is important to mention that One Acre Fund partnered with the digital platform M-Pesa which allows for a flexible and easy way of repaying the loans the farmers get.
Other companies in Africa have begun to engage in the use of innovative technologies to solve the problems farmers face in Africa and to improve farmers’ production levels.
Aerobotics is a South African company that provides a farm solution that makes use of an Artificial Intelligence program coupled with drones to help farmers manage their farms and provide an early warning system that identifies problems at a very early stage

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There is also an agritech start-up in Ghana called Acquahmeyer, which has established a drone service for farmers in that country.
This ensures that farmers now have round-the-clock monitoring of their farms and provides a very efficient crop pest control platform that ensures the health of the crops is well managed.
According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the agricultural market in Africa will grow from $200 million in 2015 to $1 trillion by 2030, and Agritech companies have been identified as the backbone for the expansion

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