I am not pregnant- Lillian Mbabazi

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During Radio’s burial, many came to a conclusion that Lillian Mbabzi was pregnant going by the clothes she was putting on and that maybe she was trying to hide something something. Rumors had it that Lillian had even re-allocated to Rwanda were she’s currently living with her Muzungu man.

People on social media went ahead to say that the baby Lillian is carrying is not for the Muzungu man but it’s for the late Mowzey radio.This rumor did not go down well with Lilian, She took to social media to deny the allegations

“These media houses come up with stories and all bloggers run with it without even checking if the things they are writing are facts or lies. I normally would NEVER say a word but I am tired of this silly stories’ am NOT pregnant, stop using this terrible time to sell your papers” she tweeted.

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