How to overcome disappointments in life

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By Dr. Martin Lwanga

It was one of those sad stories, you could not just easily pass and not note.
A young handsome with a honors degree had just taken his life. What had happened is that he had fallen in love with a beautiful girl while at university.

One day he made his intentions known. But the girl came back with a faceless No.
The young man took it hard.
He spiraled into a cave of depression. Dark thoughts don’t travel alone. They visit in a gloomy troupe with depressing clubs.
So, alone, one windy cruel night, the young man without receiving any further call from the girl he had wished to marry and much cherished, just lost all hope.

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He picked up a piece of dirty paper and wrote a short farewell note. Then quickly swallowed some acidic stuff and ended his young promising life!
The disappointments in our lives are definitely harsh and there are not a thing to crave for.
I have met here and there a few lucky people who on occasion spread their wings and blow the trumpet that in life they have never been rejected.
Theirs has been one rosy success story. Thank God for those blessings!

I do not know your story but I for one, have been rejected, more than enough.
I have met “No” there and then, out in the square, all eyes on me, quite often and at times, when I felt this hand of rejection was too heavy and I could take no more. I have been down in the pits of life and pinned on the wall more than I cared to count.
The “Yes” that we desperately crave and sometimes God let’s it be, does not mean all is well.
Maybe but for a moment. The reason some of us are still walking tall on earth, where some of our age mates are no more, had to do with disappointments we received so hard back then, doors slammed once we presented our bony faces.
Two of my close buddies did not survive the HIV/AIDS pandemic of the eighties in Uganda. We were young men at university who loved exploring the night scene.

As I recall my friends fell into money early on and even in those hard day got nice cars and started driving. They could take out any girl they wanted. Of course they were greeted with “Yes!” never a disappointment. What followed was a tragic and painful premature end of their promising lives.
Lots of “disappointments” in life. A journey full of disappointments has birthed all the beauty you see.
There is a hidden truth here.
When we are disappointed and face a “No” to our proposal or application, hard and cold as it might be, the worst thing we can do is to allow ourselves to let that moment of setback dictate our fate.
Like quenching all your thirst and hunger for success, of being out there, deep in the trenches, waiting for your turn.

Please just don’t lock yourself in that dark closet to listen to those eerie voices full of arrows and poison. Don’t become grumpy and moody. Life has still a lot out there and the best days are ahead.
If disappointments come, as they always do in life, come now, pause and smile. Don’t feel sorry for yourself for these things happen.
Just allow yourself some good sleep, take a walk, go for a jog, pore over a good book, talk to the one friend you trust, listen to some good inspiration music and recall how far you have come.

Remember the people who love and care for you so dearly, your folks, that they are all rooting for you, and the worst thing you could do is let them down by surrendering to defeat. At least don’t give in just for their sake.
Pick up the Bible and read the psalms of a man called David who had more than his fair share of the ups and down of life but never lost faith that a good God was on his side.
Then pray. And without losing a beat, get up, wait for the next opportunity.
Keep going. Something good is about to happen.

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