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Never was there a time when young people lived in a difficult social environment as it is today. More than ever before, young people today need us adults to be ready to listen, to let them talk their way to freedom from the stresses of their threatening and confusing morally bankrupt society raising them.

Counselors do not give prescription drugs to their patients and yet they get better as though they took tabs. Just listening!

They listen and listen, to help the other person understand himself on the basis of what he has said. This requires readiness to listening that is non judgmental of the one speaking.

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Psychologists today advise that a person who is going through a stressful experience feels better and overcomes it faster when s/he keeps the company of those he can talk to about his/her problem.

Men are more prone to effects of stress because they shelve their feelings away from others. The talking nature of women helps them to vent out unwanted feeling or impulses. Can talking help young people the way it does women? Very much so.

As an adult, you need to listen to understand his point, not just to hear his voice and answer back or give advice. Sometimes they need advice and they courageously ask for it.

Many times, they don’t need advice but just an ear to listen. In listening can be the relief, the reassurance and the hope the young man wants. When a youth has been helped by his listening parents to air out, reflect on and understand his thoughts, he can be easily helped to make useful decisions that avoid trouble.

By Joseph Ssebunya

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