Hon. Kato Lubwama turns to fund-raising to fuel his car

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Member of Parliament for Lubaga South, Honourable Kato Lubwama is indeed going through tough times.

Besides his academic wows, which threat his seat, the former radio presenter and comedian, is fast running broke.


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Recently, the troubled MP paid a surprise visit to his colleagues and former rivals-Golden Production at Calendar in Makindye. He reportedly laid blame on his friends for ignoring him and not inviting him for their shows [as if he is not aware the group is no more].


The controversial Kato Lubwama allegedly asked the friends for a soft loan of two million shillings to help him fuel his car-a Toyota V8.


Instead, the friends, including Ssekamatte, Mesach Ssemakula, Catherine Kusasira and others managed to collect Ugx. 500.000. It should be remembered that the same group, mainly Mesach Ssemakula financed his campaign. Otherwise, he did not have the required money to run the campaigns.


Hello Hon. Kato Lubwama, Are really broke or just going back to your old job-comedy?

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