Heatwave sweeps across Europe

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across Europe
Significant heatwave is once again sweeping across Europe, with several countries suffering the threats of disasters and health risks caused by extreme high temperatures. Some countries have issued heat alerts or declared a state of emergency.


World Meteorological Organization spokeswoman Clare Nullis said on Tuesday that a new heatwave was building up in Western Europe, currently affecting mainly Spain and Portugal, which was forecast to intensify and spread.
Spain was currently seeing temperatures well into 40 degrees Celsius, while the United Kingdom (UK) had issued an amber warning for extreme heat, according to Nullis.

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There was a high probability the heat wave would expand to the north and east Europe and reach western-central Europe and the northern Balkans by the end of next week, she said, adding that the heat would possibly spread to other parts of Europe in the following weeks.

Spain is in its second heatwave of the summer, with temperatures expected to reach 45 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country and with the high temperatures expected to last until at least Friday, the state meteorological agency AEMET warned Monday.
The thermometer reached 41 degrees Celsius in some cities of Spain on Monday, and the capital city of Madrid is suffering temperatures of 39 degrees Celsius.
The Met Office of the UK, the country’s national weather service, on Tuesday extended the rare Amber weather warning for extreme heat for parts of England and Wales. The alert for “exceptionally high temperatures,” which had initially been issued for Sunday, has now been extended to next Monday, it said in a statement.

“There’s a possibility of a level four heatwave,” a spokesperson for the UK Health Security Agency told British daily The Telegraph. “If it gets above 40 degrees Celsius, then it is likely to be a level four heatwave for the first time.”


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