Haruna Mubiru dragged to court

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We recently told you Hajji Haruna Mubiru was closing down Kream Production and moving solo.

It is said, going forward, Hajji Haruna will be performing more on introductions ceremonies. This saw him sell off nearly all the band equipments.

That is not the news. When he was starting Kream Production, Haruna signed a five-year agreement with couple of artists. In the agreement, he was meant to pay them some fixed monthly fee; if they don’t join rival bands. How because the band was struggling, he failed to live to his promise.

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When the news on of selling Kream Product items reached the musicians he had signed including Sabuwa Natooro, Charles Sekyewa among others, they demanded he pays them their salary arrears. When he refused, they chose to drag him to court.

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