Government to spend 500m to buy Kadaga a brand new chopper

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The parliamentary commission has indicated that it intends to revive the proposal to buy a brand new chopper for the speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga. The proposal was first presented last year, but was postponed due to budgetary constraints.

February 2017, civil society Organizations critical on accountability and corruption issues, criticized the move. Representatives of the Civil Society Budget advocacy group (CSBAG) and the Anti-Corruption coalition of Uganda (ACCU) said the money should instead be directed to pressing sectors of the economy.

“How big is Uganda to need a chopper? Besides Police has a chopper and these are the same government officials can’t they share that chopper when they want to travel. How big is our GDP compared to the rest of the region, are our neighboring speakers using choppers,” said Imelda Namagga the programs officer Uganda Debt Network.
“Spending these monies on buying choppers right now, just show that we have a group of selfish leaders.” Said Cissy Kagaba the executive director ACCU

However, Chris Obore the director of communications at Parliament, says the continued hiring of both Uganda Police and UPDF choppers by the office of the speaker has not only inconvenienced the speaker herself in fulfilling her duties but also the security forces.
A new chopper which accommodates two people costs more than Ugx. 500 million. While chopper that carries six people costs more than Ugx. 09 billion.

According to the Observer, last year Kadaga said it is a shame that the head of one of the three arms of government does not have a helicopter.
A helicopter, she said, would make it easier for the speaker and the deputy to move across the country and monitor government programmes. Sources said she also lamented about how speakers in other countries, including neighbouring Kenya, are well facilitated and have access to a helicopter.

On many occasions other senior government officials such as the vice president, prime minister and speaker have had to use a helicopter provided by the Uganda Police Force to move across the country.

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