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Have ever thought that Kabale will one day become a world tourism destination? We can exclusively reveal that government is soon setting up an airport in Kabale. Sources close to the project tell Newz.ug that a prominent businessman who happens to come from the same region- Kabale has donated a chuck of land to the project. The current airport – Entebbe International Airport is said to be in poor location – in a valley making it hard for planes to land. Coupled with the traffic jam along Entebbe Highway are some of the reasons for the shifting of the airport to Kabale town.

Reliable sources say, preparations for this project are in high gear and government has promised to give project full support. Works are expected to begin sooner than later perhaps before close of the year. Could it be strategy to win votes in Kabale?

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  1. Well, good idea but it should be implemented as soon as possible. Basing on the competition, we must move ahead and match with the rest of member countries. There has been a problem of easy accessibility to most touristic areas and by constructing an airport in Kabale will ease the difficulties we go through from Entebbe to Bwindi. In most case we loose a lot of time. believe me or not, most tourist who come to Uganda are only attracted to visit the Mountain Gorillas and they do need long hour drives.

    By putting this airport we will compete with our neighbors who have not sought promoting gorillas in low season as well as increase the incomes of our local farmers. The airport will as well be far from Kampala which is in most cases threatened with terrorists and of course Rwandan and DRC tour operators will join the boosting selling of Uganda in their packages. i would recommend airstrips in Kasese, Kabale and Kisoro to be upgraded or reconstructed to international level. Compared to our neighbours, Uganda has a comparative advantage and we must be proud, the issue of VAT, high hotel prices is not an issue. We must keep our contry politically stable, keep and give no chance to terrorists in addition to the current security which i my self appreciate.

    Keep in mind all these factors, we MUST urge our neighbour (DRC) to cope up with the trend of security in Eastern DRC otherwise if not controlled still may sabotage the tourism growth in the region of the great lakes. Develop a pro-active strategy to suppress any outbreak of viro diseases like Ebola, Marburge etc, build capacity of tour guiding, upgrade facilities in and around our national parks. Infrastructures mainly on road network and a WELL EQUIPPED HOSPITAL that can handle all kinds of emergencies including among others; CT scan, X-ray, AND a standby emergency helicopter to help in evacuation.

    My regard if this info could be interpreted well.


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