‘‘Good he is dead’’ Pastor Yiga leaves a trail of many lives he has broken in process of enriching himself & gratifying his greedy sex urge’’-Pastor Male

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Pastor Augustine Yiga, alias ‘Abizayo’ the proprietor of Revival Church Kawaala breathed his last on Tuesday morning.
“We have lost him. May God bless he’s soul. Rest in peace. RIP PR YIGA AUGUSTINE ABIZAAYO” – ABS TV confirmed that their proprietor breathed his last.

Yiga 43, a father of eight and ‘Miracle performing pastor’ was admitted to Nsambya hospital recently.
Some of his followers took to social media to remember him for helping the needy
‘‘Rest In Peace Man of God Pastor Yiga Augustine, you will forever be remembered In the hearts of so many ‘’ posted Jim Ntale
‘’There are only two born again Christian churches I could maybe go to. 1-Pastor Yiga 2- Pastor Kiweewesi’’ posted another of his follower Seddume

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However, outspoken pastor male Solomon has no kind words to the fallen ‘man of God’

Pastor male of Arising for Christ says Pr Yiga, ruined many people’s lives and caused untold hurt and misery to many others.
‘‘He leaves a trail of many lives he has broken in process of enriching himself and gratifying his insatiable sex urge.’’ Pastor male who is also the Publicity Secretary, National Committee on cults & False Teaching Awareness
The scandalous pastor popularly known for his stage-managed miracle allegations and bizarre sex affairs with his flock, last year elevated himself to ‘Prophet’ status.
The late, known among others for faking miracles and child neglect. Last year, pastor Yiga thought refugee In south Africa operating a church called of Great Revival Church in Pretoria West
The ‘be-healed’ pastor was planning to make a comeback with the ‘Miracle making rings and Red pens’ costing Shs100,000 each. His son Andrew Jengo, also the caretaker of Yiga’s business, would later return with anointing prayer services where believers will be required to Shs100,000 to be anointed with Olive oil.

Pastor male adds: Good he [pastor Yiga ] is dead. Let him hurt more from his grave.
The outspoken pastor says Yiga has died without facing earthly justice because as he hurt people, he had state machinery protection.
‘’How I wish someone could read Isaiah 14 as a sendoff for him. My prayers for those he has hurt to take heart; he probably thought himself immortal, now it is time for him to face the Creator to whom we must all account.’’

When pastor Yiga condemned staged miracles

In 2016, pastor Yiga noted that there are so many staged miracles being performed in Uganda meant to woo and cheat Ugandans of their hard earned money. He pointed a miracle that has seen gone viral where a legendary city, pastor, Prophet Kakande of Synagogue Church of all Nations based in Mulago ‘healed’ Ugandans possessed with demons of night-dancering.

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“Controversial miracles are on the rise. You should all stand warned! Do you remember the Night dancer’s stunt? We hear, after getting ‘healed’ they were given free motorcycles, which were later removed from them. Hoping you understand who I mean” the man of God told his congregation.

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Pastor Yiga was in the news for the wrong reasons. It is said; the man of God allegedly raped one of his followers- a one Brenda Nalubega and infected her with the deadly virus-HIV/AIDS.

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