God chose Museveni to rule Uganda- First Lady Janet Museveni

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First Lady and the Minister for Education Janet Museveni has said that President Museveni and NRM party long stay in power has been work of God and not just the elections.
The First Lady made the remarks while launching of a water scheme constructed by Living water International a Christian nongovernmental organization

‘’ I have been telling Ugandans that it’s God who enabled President Museveni to be in Power for a while. Do not think it’s just the elections’’ She said
‘‘God is the one who puts leaders in change of the people. And is the one who removes them.’’ She said . adding that even if one is voted, he or she wont be voted for the second and third time as longer as the person is not the Gods choice.

She said its God who puts leaders in positions of leadership Janet Museveni further noted that when God has a purpose for someone in leadership of country and still wants him or her around even if people struggle against it, still God keeps bringing him or her back because he has absolute power.
Janet Museveni also said that failure by the people of Ruhama to heed to her guidance forced her to leave elective politics.

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She said, she went to Ruhama thinking that by the time she leaves the constituency all children will be putting on shoes because she thought parents only needed to be told what to do but ten years lapsed when they had not positively heeded to her guidance and she decided not to seek re-election for the third term
charity work in provision of this service, they remain hindered by taxes on equipment and borehole materials making their work very difficult.

The Kataraka Gravity Flow Scheme was constructed by Living Water International at cost of ugx. 920m. The scheme will serve nine villages and six trading centers including 17 education, religious and health

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