Global Cancer experts in Rwanda, to share ideas on finding lasting solutions

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A team of global researchers on cancer are meeting in Rwanda Capital Kigali for an International Cancer conference where they will collectively share ideas on finding lasting solutions to cancer.
This year’s is organized under the theme: “Cancer in Africa: Making Strides, Creating Solutions”.

Currently, 60% more Africans die from cancer than from malaria—and the number of cancer deaths is rising at an alarming rate – with Sub-Saharan African countries suffering more.
According to latest report on the rate of Cancer, in 2030, the number of deaths from cancer will have increased to 70% based on age demographics alone – amidst struggling African healthcare systems.

Only 5% of global funding for cancer prevention and control is spent in Africa and other low- and middle-income regions, yet these regions are home to 65% of cancer deaths and 75% of premature deaths due to cancer.
An estimated 14 million people were diagnosed with cancer and over 8 million people died in 2012.

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