Future African leaders will be trained at the AU leadership Academy

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The next generations of public servants will benefit from the focused and high quality Pan-African training offered at the African Union Leadership Academy, headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Training programmes at the academy include: Leadership, project management; policy programme dialogue; and history of the AU and integration. The Pan African Leadership Academy was inaugurated last year during the 26th AU Summit, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Speaking in a press conference at the side-lines of the 27th African Union Summit in Kigali, Mr. Amine Idriss Adoum, the Director, Administration and Human Resource Management of the African Union Commission (AUC), said that the academy is a driving force behind national capacity building toward the implementation of Agenda 2063.

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“The AU Leadership Academy answers Africa’s needs and aspirations for a specialized learning agency that is abundantly dedicated to competence development, innovation and learning support towards results-oriented execution of Pan-African programmes through different but relevant modes of learning,” Mr. Adoum said.

He said that the Academy’s target public servants from African countries, AU staff and elected officials, Permanent Representative Council Members and staff of embassies accredited to the AU, as well as young African citizens wishing to pursue careers in the AU and its institutions, and civil servants in African Member States and Regional Economic Communities.

“The AU is working in concert with Member States, and relevant institutions worldwide, in developing and delivering innovative capacity building solutions for the AU decision-making, policy and programme development within the framework of the Constitutive Act of the African Union,” he said.

He noted that the academy is important in fostering a positive attitude among African leaders and citizens, though the realization of their own potential and ability to drive the agenda of “The Africa We want”, as well as build self confidence in their own abilities.

By establishing the academy, AU has indicated that it is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to Africa’s challenges, and that is dedicated and attentive to the requirements of its Member States.

The academy is also expected to develop and implement various interventions which add value to the business of the AU Organs, as well as churn out well qualified and enthusiastic young leaders who can implement pan-African strategies in their countries.

Mr. Adoum further explained that the African Union Leadership Academy will develop learning content and delivery modes for capacity building solutions in Africa’s public sector, as well as identify and develop professional skills that are essential within the AU.

“This will equip staff of the AU with decision-making skills for effective policy design and program delivery. It will also develop and offer specialized and professional courses for young Africans aspiring to pursue careers in the AU,” he said.

“The AU Academy is envisaged to reach diverse but critical groups within the AU and Member States. It also targets all young African citizens interested in pursuing careers in the AU, or advancing the Pan-African ideas in whichever local, regional or international organization,” he concluded.

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