Fr. Jacinto Kibuuka praises President Museveni for always defending the constitution of Uganda

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Fr. Jacinto Kibuuka has praised President Museveni for always defending the constitution of the Republic of Uganda
He made the remarks on Sunday at his church in Namugongo.
Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka was expelled from the Catholic faith two years ago after he disobeyed orders from the archbishop of Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.

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Following the expulsion, Kibuuka set up the Mamre International prayer Center in Namugongo under the supervision of the Evangelical church.
Last year, Bishop Kibuuka was installed in the Orthodox Church. He claims over 9000 people and children have been baptized in a period of 9 months.
In the run-up suspension of charismatic preacher Rev Fr Jacinto Kibuuka, President Museveni tried severally but failed to reconcile the priest and Kampala archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga,

According to the Observer, president Museveni ‘‘once encouraged Fr Kibuuka to operate on his own instead of fighting with the Catholic leadership. Kibuuka has since taken up the advice, by starting his own church.
‘ ‘Kibuuka’s move to Jjanda, according to sources, was suggested by President Museveni after he realized that the priest couldn’t be reconciled with the archbishop.’’ The paper reported.
Mamre prayer centre sits on two acres of a wetland less than two kilometers from the Anglican Martyrs’ shrine at Namugongo

Last year, President Museveni came out to distance himself from the ‘defiant’ and expelled catholic priest
‘‘I have received information that former Catholic priest Jacinto Kibuuka claims that I support his activities. This is not true. We never involve ourselves in church matters. Nobody should believe such a claim.’’ The president tweeted on 17th February 2017.
However leaked letter reveals that in August this year, Fr. Jacinto Kibuuka, wrote to President Museveni asking him to meet the legal costs of a court case in which he was sued. The man of God had requested for 300 million, anticipating that the figure would be high.

Fr. Kibuuka was sued for abusing Catholic Church leaders. The lawyers claim that while on local radio, Fr.Kibuuka uttered words and engaged in act that ‘injured feelings’ of the Roman Catholic Church leaders and followers when he referred – Bishop John Baptist Ondama and Archbishop Kizito Lwanga as ‘abayaaye’ (crooks)

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In letter dated August 9th, signed by Fr.Kibuuka as the Bishop of the Evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC) in Uganda and Fr. Vincent Kisenyi Byansi, the director in charge of development at EOC wrote to Museveni reminding him about his pledge to meet the legal costs.

“Communication was made to His Excellency president Museveni appreciating him for the warm welcome during our visit to his home in Rwakitura that we had on 13th July 2017 which was very fruitful,” reads the letter in part. “The purpose of this communication is to remind and kindly request that you consider to and fulfil the president’s pledge to EOC church to clear off the pending legal costs of Fr.Kibuuka which reduced to shs343 million.”

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