Former MPs, Ministers cry out to Museveni; we are doing badly, bail us

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Former ministers and Members of Parliaments have appealed to president Museveni to bail them out. The group is chaired by Joseph Ekemu, former Attorney General and Kaberamaido County MP in the early days of President Museveni’s reign.

Other members of the group include Ms Beatrice Lagada (Apac), Francis Abura Kene (Moroto) and Anthony Butele (Madi Okolo, Brani Angelo Dradriga (Ayivu) and Emmanuel Othieno Akika, the former MP for West Budama South.
Through the speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga , the financially broke MPs and Ministers, asked president Museveni to urgently come to their rescue, for they need ‘ ‘a new lease of life’’

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They also want the Speaker to lobby the President to give them jobs in government departments because they have failed to find employment in the private sector. “We are still able to perform our duties as senior citizens. We are still strong but most of our members have died,” the MPs through Mr Butele said.
Ms Kadaga said she had already discussed the need to support former MPs with the President but nothing concrete had been decided.

However, she said ex-MPs, except the Adoko Nekyon, the late Karyegyesa and Dr Lumu, were given support of up to Ugx. 30 million although the President wants the figure revised further to Ugx. 100 million.
Where did the money go?
Ugandan parliamentarians are the second highest-paid in the East Africa after Kenya, a study of salaries for legislators in the region’s five countries indicated. An MP in Uganda earns a basic salary of Shs 11.18m, which is taxed. However, they also take home a raft of untaxed allowances, which elevates their total pay package above the Shs 20 million-mark.

The benefits

Each MP in the 10th Parliament is entitled to a consolidated pay of anywhere between Shs20 and 25million (subject to income tax), a one-off car grant of Shs103 million or more, monthly gratuity of 30 per cent for MPs and 40 per cent for ministers, medical insurance cover, wardrobe grant of about Shs50m or less depending on individual needs, a furnished office and a Shs2.6m iPad for each legislator.

Under the consolidated pay of Shs25 million or less, each legislator receives mileage facilitation of Shs4.5 million, constituency facilitation (Shs3.2 million), a monthly taxable salary of Shs2.6 million, subsistence allowance (lunch, tea etc.) of about Shs3 million or more, sitting allowances (committees), Shs50,000 per sitting; sitting Allowances (plenary), Shs50,0000 per sitting; social security benefits Shs9 million per month — (government contributes Shs6m and each MP pays Shs3m) to the Parliamentary Pension Fund.

There is also town running allowances of about Shs1 million. Whenever a member travels abroad for benchmarking or on official duty he or she receives $520 per day (Shs1.75 million) and for inland travel, each gets Shs150,000 per night/day. The lawmakers are also entitled to borrow free from their pension fund instead of suffering with the high interest rates charged by commercial banks in the open market.

Other perks
there are also once pay-outs like, the Shs20 million for each MP in 8th Parliament to monitor Naads programmes and the Shs100 million recently given to MPs to “motivate” them ahead of general elections,
However, ex-officio members of government draw a gross monthly salary of Ugx. 1.5m paid by ministry of public service, Ugx. 2m per quarter and as responsibility allowance and Ugx. 100,000 every month as airtime allowance. They are also given extra allowance for travelling abroad and for fieldwork.

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