Former Kenya minister to be buried in a Gold Bullet Proof Coffin-to protect him from enemies

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Former Kenyan powerful minister and veteran politician Nicholas Biwott 77, who died on Tuesday will be buried a bullet proof casket to protect him from his enemies.
Famously known as The Total Man, Biwott, a businessman, politician and philanthropist. served alongside Kenya’s first three presidents Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki. Biwott was a member of parliament for 28 years representing Keiyo South until 2007.

In a will, Biwott said even in death enemies would be all over him. He therefore demanded that he be buried inside a bullet proof coffin so as to scare away people aimed at him. He also told his beloved ones to bury him in a golden coffin, to symbolize his social status.

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According to venasnews, the tycoon’s coffin has been ordered from USA after it was established that a casket of this nature could not be found in Kenya. Anytime this week the coffin will arrive in the country under maximum security.
Biwott was a man who constantly feared everyone and anyone. He was afraid of death. A secretive man, the former Minister never allowed any person near his compound unless it was a close family member. Even in death, it was his wish to be protected.

A wealth man:
Below are some of companies he left behind:
Name of Company Ownership Structure
Barsirim Investment Biwott 100%
Kipsinende Farm Biwott 100%
Rono Ltd Biwott 100%

National Milling Corporation Seven shareholders including Moi and Kulei
Yaya Centre (worth KSh 3.5 billion) Biwott 100%
HZ Group of Companies Biwott 100%
LZ Engineering Biwott 100%
Premier Group of Companies Biwott 100%

HZ Construction and Engineering Biwott 100%
Air Kenya Aviation Ltd Biwott 100%
Pete Aviation and Electronics Ltd Biwott 100%
Ziba Management & Services Biwott 100%
HZ Group of Companies, Israel Biwott 100%
Lima Kenya Biwott 50%
Air Kenya Biwott 50%

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