Forget Stella Nyanzi: top vulgar and Obscene Ugandans named

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Dr. Stella Nyanzi will reappear in court on 25th April, when the court will hear her bail application over what the State refers to as obscene and offensive language she has been using on social media.
We dig into the archives to bring you, Ugandans who shock the nation in the recent past with doubtless obscene stunts, though they were never charged.
Hon. Pastor Peter Ssematimba

Peter Ssematimba was the first Ugandan to host a Radio romance programme. During this programme dubbed Dr. Ssenga, the millions of his listeners became accustomed to f** words
Peter Ssematimba’s programme gained popularity that pundits believe this contributed to the rise of 91.3 Capital FM radio. It should also be remembered that Ssematimba was also behind the famous Chic magazine.
The magazine was all about obscenity. You can’t compare Red Pepper to Chic. The Magazine was in its own level as far as obscenity is concerned.

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Dr. Sylvia Tamale
It was an afternoon filled with airs of satisfaction on the 28th of October 2016, when Prof. Sylvia Tamale delivered an inaugural Lecture on Nudity, Protests and the Law in Uganda.
The Law Don, who has also distinguished herself as a feminist explained that her analysis of the situation was guided by post structural feminist understandings of the human body as a site of both power and control, and how the law responds to naked protests.

She said that the women are attempting to re write the script on their bodies by using nakedness as an instrument of power and to subvert the law to effect justice.
Tamale Mirundi
Back then, Tamale Mirundi was the Editor of the defunct Alipoota Newspaper. The presidential advisor on the media had a secret column called Ekisajja which carried a lot of obscene sentiments as well as adult sexist lines.
Also, a number of obscene quotes attributed to Mr. Tamale Mirundi are making rounds on social media. We bring you some popular ones: “When God gives a girl beauty without brains, private parts suffer the most”

‘‘Some men don’t know how to Romance women. They only play with their nipples as if they are tuning radio stations.’’
Singer Captain Dollar
The “Emeese” singer shock the nation when he outed a scandalous album with songs like ‘Obubadi’ and ‘Eyange Nene.’, whatever that means.
Other obscene musicians include, the late Master Blaster of Emboko fame, Kwata Wakati, comedian Eddy Kigere and NBS TV presenter Justine Nantume

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