Fly Emirates crew staff ‘jumps off’ plane at Entebbe Airport

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A member of the Fly Emirates Airlines cabin crew on Wednesday afternoon rushed to hospital with severe injuries after falling from a plane at Entebbe airport.

A crew member of the aircraft due to depart Entebbe International Airport opened the emergency exit door and jumped out of a plane sustaining serious injuries. The Emirates flight – EK 730 had just delivered passengers to Entebbe and was preparing to load other passengers for Dubai when the incident happened on Wednesday afternoon, said a source at the Airport.

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The employee, who was yet to be identified, was immediately evacuated and taken to hospital with life threatening injuries.
The exact cause of the incident was not yet clear but some eye witnesses cited possible suicide. She was seen holding what looked like a glass bottle under her chin before she made the fall.

Other witnesses said they had seen her in a verbal exchange with colleagues as they boarded the plane.
“Her knees were shattered and body cut with broken glass from a bottle she jumped with,” an eye witness at the airport said.

Vianney Luggya, the Principal Public Affairs Officer at the Civil Aviation Authority confirmed the incident

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