First wait! Rwanda minister tells nationals not to travel to Uganda

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Rwanda’s State minister for East African Affairs Olivier Nduhungirehe says Rwandans were still strongly advised not to travel to Uganda even after presidents Museveni and Paul Kagame agreed on Wednesday to end the tension.

“What we request is the release of all Rwandans who are illegally detained. If they are released, we shall lift the travel advisory. But for now, we still strongly advise Rwandans not travel to Uganda,” he told Daily Monitor
On Wednesday, the president Museveni and H.E Paul Kagame signed a deal in the Angolan capital, were they agreed to respect each other’s sovereignty, refrain from actions that destabilize the other’s territory and resume “as soon as possible” cross-border activities.

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Meanwhile, Uganda communications Commission has asked all internet service providers to block access to Rwanda government owned newspaper –The New Times website and five other websites.
UCC says the order was because the Rwandan paper has continued to publish ‘harmful propaganda’ against Uganda. UCC spokesperson, Ibrahim Bbosa, said UCC had directed “internet service providers to block New Times for publishing harmful propaganda that endangers the national security of Uganda”.

Adding that, “We are engaging the regulator in Rwanda and hope this will be temporary,” Bbosa said. Currently, an attempt to visit the newspaper’s website from Uganda returns an error.
In retaliation, Rwanda also blocked of access to Ugandan news sites such as The Observer NilePost, Softpower, and New Vision, Daily Monitor and Andrew Mwenda’s , The Independent. The blocked websites can only be accessed via virtual private networks (VPN).

President Kagame’s communications director, Yolanda Makolo in a reply to a tweet about the blockages said; “You of all people should know the difference between cause & effect/consequence. We don’t get slapped and offer the other cheek. No apologies

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