Eddy Kenzo death talk worries his fans

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Eddy Kenzo real name Edrisa Musuza took to social media on Tuesday and warned that the Angel of Death can visit us at any moment.
Wearing a black, the BET winner and captioned his message of death and forgiveness to the surprise of his fans who kept asking what had happened to their celeb.

“Think of death often. The Angel of Death can visit us at any moment. Remember, death doesn’t discriminate between the young or old. Seek the Almighty’s forgiveness. May He make us among the people of Paradise,” Kenzo posted.
Kenzo’s fans are worried now that the singer could be starting to show signs, they give examples of Job Paul Kafero, AK47 and more recently Mowzey Radio who before their death reportedly started talking the same way to the extent that they released songs about life and God.

Kenzo’s message attracted a sea of comments;

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Rose Namutosi : Thinking of death is for pagan believers but people who believe in God Almighty and Jesus Christ our savior ,we don’t fear death because we have hope and know that there is life after death ,so stop being ignorant about those who fell asleep

Byomuhangi Ibrahim: Kenzo you have to go back to Allah and you pronounce your name very well Idriisa Kenzo this life is too short my dear and remember Allah created us to worship him, that’s the only and only reason why you are on the earth my dear my friend Kenzo go back to the mosque and you start praying five prayers every day.

Clement Mugisa : The wise know that this world is not there home! Always ask for forgiveness as long as you’re still alive.

Ole Ken Wazza: Am seeing celebrities are now fearing death, Kenzo if it’s your day it’s your day, Just relax boy. Someone please tell me,,, did Kenzo receive a phone call from Pamela,,he’s too worried

Liz Kash : I’ve loved this so much Kenzo, keep focusing on the LORD for he gives life, try to walk in his ways and you will be protected by the Angels of God for the pleasures of life are useless and after all we leave them on earth .May the LORD guide your steps.

Cole Tunez: Amen but wat I discovered in our musicians is, whoever starts those things of God, Jesus, Allah ,so God help us don’t do it yet

Bindia Kenneth Petre Pike : 2 chronicles 7:14…….if they pray to me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing, then I will hear them in heaven, forgive their sins, and make their land prosperous again……….. It’s good if you start thinking about GOD

Nabuuma Jackie: Thanks young Mandela for such inspirational words in fact I support u if u say so coz repenting is far more Better than dying with a lot of sins indeed we need the lord in whatever we do en may u live to witness the best Kenzo. Amen.

Winnie Stone: Good u are thinking of it, don’t u think its high time you take a decision and wed your wife your Rema Namakula, You have realized that life is too short, just be happy and quit playing these games of kids with her, give her a wedding for us the well-wishers shall be happy other than continue hearing what we always hear! Peace

Zangi Chiyesu: Nice one Mr kenzo.Its you still remember God up to your level. You have inspired me. Your music does well in Zambia especially Maria Roza. One well try to visit us.

Naji Lukoye: Now this man is about to die I remember Washington on interview saying that he was with radio on their way to Entebbe that radio was spreading the word of gospel and lastly died.

Sirus Ziki : stop talking about death. Life is a blessing and we can’t talk about death coz it brings sorrow n sadness. More music to the fans, unity and peace. More life….

Ricky Santos Pest God fearing people don’t think of death coz it happens at any time, day and anywhere. Only those with satanic ideas and satanic way of living think of death coz they hv no answers to God’s ans.

Juliana Macdonald Cranes: Blessings long live and may the holy spirit move with u always even God forgive your bad deeds seriously otutisa

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