Eating fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of psychological stress for women

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New research provides yet another reason for you and me to include fruits and vegetables on our menu after finding that eating up to seven servings per day can lower the risk of psychological stress for middle-aged women.

Past research shows that Depression in later life is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, and decreased physical, cognitive and social functioning. Psychological stress has negative implications for physical health, it increases risk of obesity. It also linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

The study, suggests that simply including more fruits and vegetables in the diet may help to lower the risk of stress, particularly for women. The study was undertaken by Binh Nguyen, a Ph.D. student at the University of Sydney in Australia, and colleagues and findings were published in BMJ Open.

Overall, the researchers found that adults who consumed three to four servings of fruits and vegetables daily were 12 percent less likely to experience stress than those who consumed zero to one serving daily.

Eating five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables each day was associated with a 14 percent lower risk of stress, compared with adults who consumed zero to four servings a day.
The researchers came to their conclusion after conducting an analysis of 60,404 men and women aged 45 and older, all of whom were a part of the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study – a large-scale study of more than 267,000 adults from Australia.

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