Domestic issues are not sorted on TV, Church podium-Pastors tell Bujingo

Pastor Bugingo with his new ‘catch’ Who Is Willing To Die Fighting For Him
Pastor Bugingo with his new ‘catch’ Who Is Willing To Die Fighting For Him
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Fellow Pastors have criticized the leader of Bwaise based House of Prayer Ministries- Pastor Aloysious Bugingo for discussing domestic issues in the open.

During Sunday Service sermon, Bugingo made it clear that his wife- Pastor Teddy was trying to claim church land.
“This land does not belong to me, my wife or even my children. This is church land. My wife can go hand,” Bugingo said.
Although Bugingo and Pastor Teddy have not gone through the divorce process, church land is believed to be the only remaining deal to this agreement.
The couple have been married for 29 years and have four children, with the eldest being a girl aged 27 and the youngest aged 4.

The Couple is now court with Bugingo demanding for divorce. The wife says Bugingo is set to marry Susan Makula Nantaba[ a member of House of Prayer Ministries and employee of Salt Media.] with whom they have been dating secretively.
Bujingo’s daughter Doreen Gift Bugingo revealed that her father deserted his marital home in 2016 and went off to live with Susan Makula, leaving her and mother behind without giving them anything, and threatening to make sure they become totally poor. She said her father is set to officially take Susan Makula as his wife, and now is trying to give his congregation a reason to justify his marrying again which is against the Bible Standard.

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Pastors speak out
Michael David Kyazze: I cannot guarantee that I am a person who repairs relationships. Things required to mend a relationship are observable in the couple seeking to mend their relationship.

Some of them would be the admission that we are wrong. Showing that you will fight for your marriage and not Church land , Having a forgiving record . Knowing that domestic issues are not sorted on TV, Radio and Church podium etc. Those are common sense virtues which I do not remotely sense.

Is it permissible to ‘senior ‘preachers to elope and get away with it in the name of preserving the anointed?!

May that relationship Rest in Peace.

Dr Franklin Mondo Mugisha Franklin

With due Respect, I call upon our Spiritual Fathers Men of God full of Wisdom and great integrity in our Country.
To intervene into the issues of the Family of our Brother Pastor and Mrs Bujingo. It is now our responsibility as a body of Christ to reconcile the two no matter what!
No marriage is beyond repair. If you think this is a good idea share it until it gets to these Men of God. Let us not try to find out who is wrong! Enough is enough let us do what we can and let God do what we can’t do. How I pray that they shouldn’t continue talking to the media houses about these issues. LOVE WINS

Pastor Jessica Kayanja

May the seed that Mrs Teddy Bujingo has sown for 29 years in this marriage rise up and crush the head of the Serpent. May God vindicate and justify her as was David’s Prayer!
I call upon every mother, married woman, child borne of a mother, every Pastor’s wife and every one out there that upholds Holy Matrimony to join the Girl Power Team and I in prayer ! The Hebrew woman will not leave her marriage. HADASSAH MUST STAY!!!!

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