DJ Alex Ndawula retires from 91.3 Capital FM

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For the last three weeks, Alex Ndawula has been off air and his two popular programs on 91.3 Capital FM: The Dance Force (Saturday 8 PM until late) and Sundown (6- to 7 PM) have only been playing music.
Close friends revealed that, Alexander Ndawula popularly known as DJ Alex was forced to resign over un-known circumstances

Information, has it that management paid DJ Alex Ugx. 35 million as gratuity. Reports indicate management has also permitted him to keep around his otherwise second home (First home is the bar and Capital Radio offices as the second home). During this period, management, will pay him a retainer until early next year, when NSSF is expected to pay him savings.
Alex is the longest surviving radio DJ of his generation. His counterparts are long gone. These include: DJ Ronnie of the ” The Late Date on Capital FM” The shadow, Daniel Vien, Allan the Canterous, Zizinga Omutanbuze, Aisha Ssematiko and Lydia Marie.

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Alex was a popular presenter, loved by many: Amin Hussein, the late Idi Amin’s son had this to say about Alex’s retirement:
“Surely there comes a time for everyone to hang up the boots after decades of work and service. But if there was an age limit stopping Alex Ndawula from presenting in the media, I would pass a motion that it be scrapped, and that he even switches to presenting on Television as well”.

That said, unconfirmed sources say, despite having worked for a leading media house in the country for over 20 years with handsome pay, Alex reportedly doesn’t own a remarkable asset or even a stable family.
Some sources claim, DJ Alex’s retainer has a hidden agenda: Between now and early next year, Alex will have lost popularity. And thus, competition will not benefit much if they take him on, as opposed to hiring him today fresh from Capital Radio.

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